Monday, April 16, 2012

The Partons

I have photographed the Parton family before, and I just love them. Little Jonah is too cute, and now... he is a BIG brother!! The Partons added little Mr. Ian to their family in the Spring of 2011.

First up- The Jenson family

I absolutely love this family! Amanda is my cousin, so we grew up together, and she brought Daniel into the family a couple of years ago. (Here is their engagement session!) And Daniel immediately fit into our family, bless his heart! haha. Anyway, almost two years ago, little Seth joined their family and this was his first Christmas! Such a cutie!! (And, they are expecting a little girl in May 2012!! I cannot wait to meet her!)

Update Time...

Apologies in advance. It is time to make some updates. I have been so focused on school the last two years that I have let the blog slide, and I need to fix that! Luckily, only three days of classes left, and just under three weeks until graduation. So, here is a whole slew of photo posts to get you all updated! Sorry they are all coming at you at once! I vow to do better in the future!

Love to you all!