Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Sports Photos

Gatorade, pom poms, helmets and cleats. Parents yelling, whistles blowing and kids smiling.

Sports are under way! And every parent wants to preserve those memories of their child's first soccer game or their first time at bat. TK Photography is here to help. Growing up, my brother, sister and I all played many sports- from softball and baseball to soccer and basketball. And one thing I have really noticed, parents get very involved in their child's games, and so capturing those moments and preserving the memories is often difficult. They mean well, and have the camera in tow, but within five minutes it is off to the side as the parent screams and shouts for their little one to "kick the ball"! So this is where I come in. I love sports, and I love photography, and I have come to love combining to two. Now I want to extend those services to YOU!

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